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Color palettes, typography, and logos, brand assets are the most obvious elements used to convey our identity.  Because of their importance in defining how our university is perceived, these assets must be carefully curated and consistently applied.

Use the assets provided here to help the University speak to its audience with one cohesive, professional voice


Use of correct FIU colors helps us create professional-looking assets that help reinforce our brand identity. Our official colors are provided in a variety of color spaces to address a range of print formats. Official FIU digital and website colors can be found on the Digital Style Guide.

 FIU BlueFIU Gold
Coated PaperPANTONE 282 C
C: 100
M: 87
Y: 42
K: 52
RGB Hex Code: #081E3F
C: 26
M: 46
Y: 100
K: 6 
RGB Hex Code: #B6862C
Uncoated PaperPANTONE 282 UPANTONE 117 U

Exterior Paint Colors

Use official FIU paint colors on exterior treatments to ensure a consistent outward color palette. A custom paint mix was created in partnership with Benjamin Moore to meet FIU standards.

FIU BlueFIU GoldFIU White
Hale Navy (HC-154)
Van Deusen Blue (HC-156)
Blue Heron (832)
Stratford Blue (831)
Blue Note (2129-30)
Marblehead Gold (HC-11)
Stuart Gold (HC-10)
Feather Down (953)
Linen White (912)
Chalk White (2126-70)


Use official fonts and typography to achieve a professional, uniform look-and-feel in documents, presentations and other assets. FIU's official fonts are Adobe Garamond (serif) and Helvetica (sans-serif).

Business Cards and Stationery

Official business cards and Letterhead must be ordered through our approved vendor. Business cards are limited to 2 designs. The President and university leadership have an alternate version produced through this vendor by FIU Design & Creative Services.


Need a Logo?

The Division of External Relations can create customized logos and other assets that help you reach your audience while strengthening the university's brand. Request Logo »

Learn More About Logos

Check out our usage and guidelines for information on using the spirit logo, university seal, anniversary logos, tag lines and more. Logo Usage and Guidelines »

Official FIU Logo

Use of the official FIU logo on all of our communications helps ensure a consistent, professional appearance. The Division of External Relations manages and designs all university logos, labels and symbols. Use only the official logos provided here or provided to you by External Relations. Any unsanctioned logo, label or symbol is subject to immediate removal and discontinuation.

Athletic and Panther Logos

The FIU athletic/panther logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by FIU Athletics and its entities. The FIU athletic/panther logo should never appear with or replace the University’s Logo. Approval to use the athletic logo in addition to the FIU logo in special publications that promote spirit may be given by the Division of External Relations at 305-348-7102.

University Seal

The University’s seal is to be used only for official business of the University. The use of the seal is reserved for formal and official documents such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents, and plaques. The seal is not available for download.


Use of the FIU athletic/panther logo, trademarks, mascot or name is prohibited in advertising that promotes non-athletic activities and entities.

Licensed Products:

The athletic logo is available to organizations that have signed an agreement with the university. For more information, contact External Relations at 305-348-7102.