Logo usage

The FIU logo is an essential element to our visual brand and represents our entire university.

There are different variations of the official FIU logo based on the use case – i.e. vertical/horizontal formats, color or black and white versions as well as the FIU block letters. Units also have their own logo.

The official logos can only be created and provided by Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs.

  • Primary logo

    The primary FIU logo is the most identifiable visual that can be used across all university communication to help us ensure a consistency. These are some of the available versions. You can download the full set on the Toolkit page.


  • Unit logo

    This variation of the FIU logo represents a specific unit, college, office, department, etc. Unit logos are composed of the FIU block letters and the official name of the unit. These also have different formats and additional tiers available based on the use case. Unit logos should not be used on promotional items with the exception of certain cases for colleges and schools. Any other exceptions will be subject to approval by the Branding and Licensing Team through our licensing partner, CLC. 

    FIU colleges can find the full set of their college’s logos on the Toolkit page.

  • University seal

    The university’s seal may only be used for official business and formal documents of the university. These include diplomas, certificates, legal documents, and plaques. The seal should not be used in promotional materials and/or merchandise for units.

    The seal is not available for download.

  • Promotional Graphic

    Units have the option to create a promotional graphic to represent a specific initiative, program or event within their unit. This graphic element should not be used to replace a unit logo and should not include any FIU logos or elements of the FIU logo in it.

    When representing the university to external audiences, the unit logos must be included as the primary identity; the promotional graphic should be the secondary identity. The objective is to clearly convey that this initiative, program or event is part of FIU.

    This promotional logo represents Counseling and Psychological Services, but it does not replace the official unit logo.
    This promotional logo represents the Healthy Living Program, but it does not replace the official unit logo.
  • Athletic panther logo

    The FIU athletic panther logo, trademark, mascot and name are reserved for use by FIU Athletics and its entities. This logo should never appear with or replace the university’s logo.

    Use of this logo, trademarks, mascot or name are prohibited in advertising that promotes non-athletic activities and entities.

    Approval to use the athletic logo in addition to the FIU logo in special publications that promote spirit may be given by the Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs.

  • Student organizations

    Student Organizations/Clubs can create their own logo to represent their identity. However, they may not use FIU’s registered marks in the creation of their logo. The only way a Student Organization is allowed to use the FIU registered marks is by using the approved Student Organization logo.

    Student organizations can choose from two options:

    Option 1: FIU Student Club logo (This version can only be provided by Campus Life)

    Option 2: Student Club Logo (created by Club or Organization)

    For more information you can download the full student organization logo guidelines.

  • Sports clubs

    Sports Clubs are allowed to use the FIU Sport Clubs patch and labels. The patch is mandatory for all Sports Clubs. The Sports Clubs labels are optional.

    The FIU Sports Clubs patch MUST be included in all materials and apparel representing sport clubs. These materials include but are not limited to uniforms, promotional items, etc., as well as any other items that officially represent sport clubs.

    The following Sport Clubs labels are the only approved versions. Each of these versions MUST have the graphic element (Panther graphic or “Panthers” wordmark) + sport club name.

    For more information you can download the full sports club logo guidelines.

  • Multiple logos

    When an externally focused communications piece requires multiple FIU units to be represented in the same space or page, the institutional logo should be used along with a list of the units. The following are examples of acceptable usage:


Outlined block letters

Throughout the Real Triumphs brand, we make use of the institutional logo as well as an outlined FIU block letter version.

Do's and don'ts

  • The outlined block letter version should only be used for marketing materials, and never for official institutional documents.
  • Colleges/Units are not allowed to use the outlined logo and combine it with its official unit logo.
  • It can be used alone for pieces that appear on FIU’s campus.
  • For other marketing materials outside of the campus environment, especially if they are not local, the standard logo should be used.

Licensing and merchandise

University marks

All the university’s verbiage, logos, designs, seals and symbols are registered and trademarked to FIU.

All internal units must use the approved logo set provided by Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs when creating or printing marketing materials.

FIU students wearing branded clothing

Licensed vendors

Aside from being an approved university vendor with FIU’s Procurement Services, vendors must also have the appropriate license from CLC, our licensing agency, in order to use official university marks.

To look up FIU licensed vendors, please visit CLC’s Licensee Search page and choose “Florida International University” for the school, and all licensees will show up. The product category field does not need to be filled out. Once the results are shown, you can do a search to find the licensee on the site. (Windows: Control + F, then type the name | Mac: Command + F, then type the name).

Become a licensed vendor

In order to become a licensed vendor, you may contact CLC, our licensing agency, at applications@clc.com. CLC works with companies that wish to produce FIU branded merchandise for sale into the retail market and/or for sale into internal FIU departments.