Email Signature Generator

Fill out this form to create an approved FIU email signature. This tool is available to all employees. There are four footer options which you can choose from. These approved footers follow accessibility and branding guidelines. Edits to the existing footers are not allowed.

The approved email signature for the university does not include images such as logos, ranking badges, etc. These do not meet accessibility requirements.

Colleges/Units may use an email signature specific to their unit. However, these best practices must be followed:

  • Limit the use of photos, logos, badges, icons, etc. These are not accessible and create clutter. If you use any graphic or image, alt-text for accessibility purposes is mandatory.
  • Keep it simple. Using too many messages detract attention from the email content.
  • Use font Helvetica or Arial. Size should be between 10-12 points.

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