Our brand

Our brand is what people think and feel about us. And, we have the power to make a real impact in the way we covey our brand and tell the FIU story.

FIU continues to transform from a local commuter school into a national powerhouse. We are engaging and empowering students and families while generating connections, knowledge and solutions that radiate around the world.

It is time that we show what we got... the realness that makes us unique.

We're as real as it gets – and what real does makes a real difference.

Brand positioning

The brand positioning is our internal DNA. It is made up of the following components – brand essence, brand pillars and tone words. This is our internal north star that guides all communication and creative executions. These are not taglines and are not meant to be used in outward-facing materials.

Brand essence

This is not a tagline. It defines who we are and what makes us unique.

FIU is an empowering force energizing our world

Brand pillars

The foundations that FIU stands on.
Not just in Miami. We are Miami.
An empowering force
Transforming lives and communities
An opportunity generator

Tone words

FIU's personality.

  • Dynamic
  • Enterprising
  • Driven
  • Proud
  • Welcoming

More information on tone words can be found in the Editorial Guide


Building on the brand essence, the following rationale is the conceptual foundation. The rationale explains how FIU is energizing our world and introduces a tone of voice and element of storytelling to the overall brand.

There's a new school of thought spreading in and around Miami. One that wasn’t created on some campus atop a hill—but in the heart of a community that we call home. An education that focuses on students with real goals and responsibilities, rooted in the realities of today.

At FIU, we are doing instead of preparing. We are joining the workforce while juggling our workloads. We are extending our reach across cultures and generations. We are approaching education in a new way on our own terms for the worlds of both today and tomorrow.

We are as real as it gets.

Brand platform

Real Triumphs, a brand platform that captures the spirit of our narrative in its most distilled, succinct form. It is meant to be used for external and internal audiences and can be used in two ways to show the real impact FIU is making throughout the world:

  1. In one way, it showcases the real impact that FIU is making throughout the world—tackling real challenges, coming up with real solutions, making a real difference and ultimately, achieving real triumphs.
  2. In another way, it flips the adjective “real” and turns it into a noun—a noun that represents FIU. Real is the force behind our actions.   This use of "real" as a noun should only be used in long form communications like paragraphs or videos where the explanation is evident and clearly undrstood.  It should not be used in stand alone headlines or billboards.
  3. "Real" should not be used as a modifier for excellence, academics, research, students, alumni or Panthers. Using it in this way, this could create exclusion and generally detract from the message.

Real Questions.
Real Answers.
Real Explores.
Real Discovers.
Real Challenges.
Real Changes.

This flexible, concise, brand platform allows FIU to take ownership of the word “real”—and encapsulates the determination, vibrancy, humility and understanding that is authentic to FIU.

With a foundation that is both humble and bold, Real Triumphs becomes a storytelling platform for existing and future content. It’s a call to action for every member of FIU to take pride in what the university is doing, and, importantly, ensures everyone else takes notice.

Note: Overuse of this phrase can dilute its impact.