The FIU Brand

FIU has evolved from a local commuter school into a national powerhouse.

We're a top-ranked institution empowering our students and their families through relevant connections and solutions that impact our community and the world. 

Our brand reflects our growth, impact and accomplishments.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is our internal DNA, comprised of three key elements:

  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Pillars
  • Tone Words

These components are a strategic blueprint that informs and guides our communications and creative executions. These are not taglines and are not meant to be used in outward-facing materials.

Check all creative work against our brand essence and its four supporting pillars to ensure that the spirit of FIU shines through in all forms of communication.

Brand Essence

FIU is an empowering force energizing the world.

This is not a tagline. It defines who we are and what makes us unique.

Welcome to FIU: Photo of the SASC building

Brand Pillars

Our pillars form the foundation that FIU stands on and serve as the inspiration that drives us.
We are Miami
An empowering force
An opportunity generator
Transforming lives and communities

Tone Words

Our personality is encapsulated by five words:

  • Authentic
  • Driven
  • Dynamic
  • Electric
  • Welcoming

These words guide copy, design and other creative choices. They can be tailored to address specific audiences. See the Editorial Guide for more information on tone words.

Brand Rationale

Brand Rationale expands on our essence and introduces a tone of voice and storytelling element to the overall brand.

At FIU, our students and faculty are pioneering the future and making groundbreaking discoveries. We're cultivating their unstoppable passion for knowledge and helping shape the world of tomorrow.

Brand Platform

The Brand Platform captures the spirit of FIU in its most distilled and succinct form. It serves as an effective tagline when communicating in campaign mode. Outside of a campaign, it serves as the springboard for larger storytelling.

In this phase of brand communication, our focus shifts towards our tangible results. FIU has evolved into an anchor institution for a global metropolis, attracting students from across the nation and the world.

Our determination, resilience, and genuineness form the bedrock of our brand and help us describe who we are:


With a foundation of authenticity, these words become a storytelling platform for existing and future content. It is a call to action that describes FIU, but more importantly, describes our students and alumni and commands that everyone takes notice.

"Innovation" and "Forward-Thinking" can describe our students, alumni and faculty. Headlines can be crafted with any one of the phrases as:

  • Innovation creates impact.
  • Forward-thinkers make opportunities for all.
  • As unstoppable as the global city we call home.

It is not necessary to use these words together. Executions can vary from audience to audience.