Floor Stickers

Using exterior floor stickers at FIU

Floor stickers are a tangible way for FIU units to get a message out to the FIU community however it is important that we keep the campus aesthetic in mind as well as understand the acceptable locations for stickers. Please note that a central system for the placing and removal of stickers does not exist however Strategic Communications must approve all designs and content. 

Effective: April 15, 2017


  1. Physical size: 24” in diameter or 24x24 inches is the minimum size<
  2. Maximum time allowed: One Month. Sticker must be removed within one month of installation and they should include a date of posting on the bottom left or right in small type (so as not to affect design) as well as a contact email for the person responsible.
  3. Designated areas: Stickers must be used only in designated areas unless special approval is given by Strategic Communications.  There is no reservation system. Stickers are placed on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 3 messages adjacent to each other.
  4. Sticker content must be approved by Strategic Communications.  Special approval for temporary wayfinding stickers which may include size variations is possible.
  5. Installation and Removal: The producer of the stickers is responsible for installation and removal. All stickers must have the expiration date on the bottom right corner which is a month from the installation date. The stickers may be removed by Strategic Communications team if the stickers are past their expiration date. Please note that there is no system to guarantee stickers are not removed prior to the expiration date. The Strategic Communications team will not remove stickers unless they have violated this guideline.

Designated Areas for Floor Stickers

  1. Underneath the Library causeway (Entrance and horizontal concrete slabs)
  2. Underneath Arch walkway from MARC area to GC area  (may not be posted within 15 feet of GC, map image below)
  3. Before and after the Kissing Bridge
  4. AHC4 (walkway underneath)
  5. In front of Breezeway Cafe, leading into housing (Placing floor stickers anywhere in the Housing Quad, outside the Breezeway Café, or 15 feet from the entrance of residence halls requires the approval of the Director of Housing or designee)
  6. MANGO, outside main entrances
  7. PG5, outside main entrances
  8. Outside Panther Garage,  Red Garage, Blue Garage and Gold Garage
  9. Engineering Center
  10. BBC Locations include entrance to Library and Wolfe Center, AC2 walkway, Between AC1, AC2, Marine Science Bldg