Signage across FIU’s campus is an important part of the university’s branding. In order to maintain a consistent identity and message across all displays, the Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs must approve all on and off campus signage.

Signage guidelines

There are several options for on and off campus signage to promote FIU’s educational, cultural and informational efforts. All these signage options must follow the designated guidelines and must be approved by the Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs. Any sign or display not following the appropriate guidelines is subject to removal, at the expense of the unit or office.

  • Building signage (exterior/interior)

    Guidelines for exterior signage:

    • The professional and uniform look of Helvetica Neue 75 bold has been chosen as our official university font.
    • All exterior or interior signage must be upper and lower case.
    • Must use aluminum letters; (back-lit optional). ½” thick individual letters 12” height letters.

    Guidelines for interior signage:

    • Aluminum letters; upper/lowercase Helvetica Neue 75 bold font.

  • Billboards
    • Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs manages the three on-campus billboards on the corner on 107th avenue and 8th street. These billboards are used for university-wide messaging as well as offer to units/colleges for a fee.
    • Learn more about our Billboard Guidelines here which apply to both on and off campus billboards.
    • Fill out the Billboard request form to inquire about on-campus billboard availability and pricing.

    Example of a billboard on 8th St. and 107th Ave.

  • Floor stickers
    • Floor stickers are a tangible way for FIU units to get a message out to the FIU community however it is important that we keep the campus aesthetic in mind as well as understand the acceptable locations for stickers.
    • Please note that a central system for the placing and removal of stickers does not exist however The Division of Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs must approve all designs and content.
    • Please review the Floor Sticker Guidelines.

    Tokyodachi floor sticker example

  • Digital displays (electronic messaging boards)
    • The Electronic Messaging boards (EMBs) are used for university-wide messaging including strategic content and announcements, university-wide events, rankings/points of pride, etc.
    • Please see additional  EMB guidelines and locations.
    • Fill out this EMB request form if you’re interested in requesting an EMB placement.

  • Pole banners

    On-campus pole banners are managed by Strategic Communications, Government and External Affairs. These are used for university-wide campaigns. Some examples may include the Next Horizon campaign, student success initiatives, university branding, etc.

Additional guidelines

For more information about signage guidelines, contact:

Nicole Valle                          
Assistant Director of Content Marketing