Billboard Guidelines

Before getting started...

  • Think about your audience and what type of campaign you’re looking to implement.
  • What do you want users to know?
  • Think of a headline, not a copy block, and a call-to-action – what is the next step you want your audience to take?

Best practices


Billboards target people driving. Therefore, your audience will have about six seconds to read your billboard. You may be able to push for a few more words depending on their length and ease of reading, but good billboards communicate without a lot of words.

Include a headline and sub-headline, if applicable. Play with colors and font sizes to differentiate one from another and make it easier to read.

Suggested word count

  • Headline: Max. 8-word count
  • Sub-headline or main content: Max. 8-word count
  • Call-to-action: Phone # and/or website
  • Make sure to have a clear call-to-action. This can be a phone number, website link, etc. Be sure not to overpower your call-to-action as you do not want to overstate the action.

Visual elements

Photography is highly recommended

  • Unique, vibrant, high-quality photos are ideal.
  • Avoid using stock photos.
  • You can check out FIU’s Flickr account in case there’s a photo that will work for you. If you’d like to do a photo shoot, please contact fill our Multimedia team by filling out this request form.

Use bright and vibrant colors to grab the audience's attention. Mix bright colors with a high level of contrast between the text and the background, so your ad is easier to read.

  • Make sure your image or background photo does not compete with the overlaying text.
  • Make sure your font is legible. You may have to change the type of font used in order to ensure drivers can easily read your ad.
    • FIU’s official fonts are Adobe Garamond (serif) and Helvetica (sans-serif), but you may use other fonts as well. 

Specs for on-campus billboards

  • FIU billboard's dimensions are 40’ x 12’
  • File size: Press Quality
  • Hi-res PDF for final submission