Websites and other digital platforms are an important part of FIU's outward facing brand experience. Our goal at FIU is to deliver a seamless user experience while conveying the FIU brand to our audiences.

FIU’s Digital Communications team offers consulting, development and trainings to ensure that all units meet FIU’s digital standards policy. Working with the team also ensures your site will adhere to all design and editorial brand guidelines.

The Pantera Design System is a resource that provides readily accessible, efficient and consistent brand components to help you create and maintain your site. Our team is currently working on a phased approach to include assets that will align with the Real Triumphs brand platform, so units and colleges can utilize these on their web properties.

Developing an FIU website?

The Pantera Design System is a resource for all entities creating FIU-branded applications or websites.

Pantera Design System