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A brand, simply, is what our audience thinks and feels about us. The assets – such as logos, brochures, signage and more – play an important role in reminding the audience of the brand they are interacting with but they do not communicate the message alone.

Our actions and communications carry the greatest weight. As such, it is important that we leverage our stories and personalities to raise our brand awareness and communicate our brand attributes. Graphic assets, such as logos, must present a consistent and cohesive identity that help remind our audiences of our brand.

Worlds Ahead, the Idea Behind Our Brand

Before we design logos, define color schemes and print signs, we start with a "big idea" that captures the essence of our institution and what we aspire to be. For Florida International University, the idea behind our brand is "Worlds Ahead," an attitude that inspires our global perspective and commitment to superlative programs, research and service. "Be Worlds Ahead" is the active form of this idea, and it allows the audience to participate.

How We Use 'Worlds Ahead'

  • When communicating about students, faculty or alumni who go beyond the expected – we should describe them as "worlds ahead."
  • When we articulate a vision for an FIU project that is ahead of its time or ahead of what others are doing – we should use this phrase.
  • When describing our university in an interview, an article or a boilerplate description – we should use this phrase.
  • We should not, however, add this to every program, person or event. "Worlds Ahead" is not our tagline. It isn't our brand. It's an attitude and should be used to express the best we have to offer. Overuse of the phrase would dilute its meaning.
  • "Be Worlds Ahead" is a call to action. We can use this when describing a student's decision to attend FIU or to commence a large research project. It is participatory and connects action to adjective.

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